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  • we are providing all services with all infrastructure to our client like own batching and mixing plant (as per requirement of the project), Transit mixtures, Concrete pumps, shuttering and staging material skilled carpenters, bar binders, welders, pouring gauge and above all highly expertise supervision staff.
  • RCC having its strength to run and to complete the civil works like all types of culverts, underpass, kerb, tilling work i.e. all cement integrated job in highway project.
  • We are also putting our plant, machinery, tools, tackles dedicated team for project so min quantity (atleast 45000 m3) should be assured by client.
  • We are also providing RMC unit as per the requirement of client and it is dedicated to project on cubic meter basis with all machinery and staff.

Personalized Service:
The Ascent philosophy begins and ends with service. We take great care to understand our clients and the complexities of their projects. And no matter what the project size, our approach is the same. We take this unique approach to every engineering challenge and work with our clients throughout the process to ensure a successful end result.

Value Engineering:
This is perhaps the most important service Sahyog RCC can provide during the planning and design phase of a project. Finding more efficient ways to accomplish a design goal without compromising the integrity of the project is like found money. We are very strong in assisting our customers in the development of projects that provide high value. This process, often referred to as “value engineering”, is pursued by us with the objective of producing lower costs while not effecting the “form, purpose, or function” of the project.

On Time, On Budget:
These are the principal goals of Sahyog RCC once the job has started. These goals are met through meticulous analysis of the project plans and establishment of the construction schedule. This results in fewer surprises as construction progresses and provides a benchmark against which progress can be measured.

Our business is founded on relationships, both with our customers and our subcontractors. The backbone of these relationships is trust, which is supported by high principals, integrity and, of course, our past record.

The inevitable outcome of this process has been a steady growth in repeat and referral business. This, in turn, has resulted in a high percentage of Sahyog RCC’s business being negotiated work, involving the close customer support from project inception right through completion. Additionally, we are able to provide sufficient bonding to support this growth.

The company has demonstrated success in many areas, including service Retaining Wall, Culverts, Under Pass, Rotary Junction, Kerbs, Drains, Service Road, etc.

Our Values:
At SAHYOG RCC it is our management philosophy that Safety, Quality and Productivity contribute equally to our ability to deliver successful projects. For this reason, we remain diligent in our efforts to promote, establish and maintain a culture that not only reduces the frequency but also the severity of undesirable results in these areas. At the core of this commitment is our expectation that every employee demonstrate leadership by means of their commitment to our core values:

Training and Professional DevelopmentL:
Sahyog RCC offers training to employees throughout each level of our organization, from craft personnel to senior management. Training is tailored to assist individual employee achievement as well as attainment of our business objectives. In addition to activity-specific training, Sahyog RCC also provides employees with training and professional development opportunities through our performance appraisal process.

We have designed our planning process to support our philosophy that Safety, Quality and Productivity equally contribute to our success and therefore need to be planned into everything that we do. The process focuses on integrating this philosophy at the individual activity level of our operations. To be effective, planning requires the participation of the project managers, superintendents, foremen and safety personnel. Once the specific sequence of work activities to be performed have been identified, the group then focuses on uniting these steps with the necessary safety, quality and productivity measures to ensure that our work is performed "incident and error free" (zero injuries and zero defects).

Performance Management:
The success of any operation is related to the efficiency and effectiveness the communication between the project team. For this reason, Sahyog RCC has developed and implemented several.


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