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Concrete Mixture  

Advantage of Readymix Concrete over Sitemix Concrete:

  • Better quality concrete is produced.
  • Elimination of storage space for basic materials at site.
  • Elimination of Procurement / Hiring of plant and machinery
  • Wastage of basic materials is avoided.
  • Labour associated with production of concrete is eliminated.
  • Time required is greatly reduced.
  • Noise and dust pollution at site is reduced.
  • Organisation at site is more streamlined.

Cost factor compared to Sitemix concrete:

Currently, Ready mix concrete is marginally expensive compared to site mix concrete because:

Transportation of concrete

However on considering the advantages of Readymix Concrete, the cost factor is negligible.

When higher strength of concrete and where high volume of concrete is required then Sahyog Concrete remains the better choice.

We provide ready mix concrete to construction sites where concrete is not being mixed at site. It requires perfectly designed uniform quality in entire supply of concrete in the entire building/structure. For this, we have tied-up with leading builders for their bulk and specific requirement of RMC. We design required type of concrete with the help of our well-experienced Concrete-Mix-Designers in professional way, transport it to the site with the help of our Transit Mixture and pour it to the desired place with the help of our Concrete Pumps.
Currently we are supplying Ready Mix Concrete at multiple locations in India with our own set of equipments, containing Concrete Batching Plants (Stationary Batching Plants, Mobile Batching Plants), Transit Mixtures, Concrete Pumps, Loaders (to load raw material in to hopper of Batching Plant),etc.


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